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Why getting an online divorce can cost you much more than you think

Since the introduction of the online divorce system, we see more and more clients attempting to represent themselves, particularly during the lockdown periods.  Clients believe that this is the cheaper option but are unaware as to the true cost of an online divorce, as the absence of legal advice can separating couples unable to adequately rehouse themselves and their children.  Furthermore, couples mistakenly believe that getting divorced severs the financial ties between them but this is not the case.

Until a clean break is achieved, parties can make financial claims against each other’s income, assets and pensions, even when these have been accrued post separation.

We see all too often cases where parties believed that financial matters were resolved as an agreement was reached between them at the time of separation but many years later, one party reneges on that agreement and makes an application to the court for a financial order.  This not also costs in terms of legal fees due to the added complications of delay, but also financially if you have to part with assets or an element of your pension.

The financial arrangements of divorcing couples can often be complex and it is therefore extremely important that legal advice at the earliest to ensure that financial claims are dealt with properly and to prevent any future claims being made.

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