Sometimes life throws up some challenging situations, where you are busy just getting your head around the situation. During these times only caring support will Dootsons

Mediation helps couples and families resolve family disputes arising from separation instead of being involved in expensive Court proceedings.

It allows separating couples to reach agreements on issues such as divorce, money and property and arrangements for children.

Mediation is:-

  • Voluntary
  • Available to separating couples
  • Allows couples to make their own decisions and reach their own agreements
  • Quicker and cheaper than attending Court


Mediation works at a pace that works best for each couple and usually takes on average between three to five sessions. It allows couples to make decisions without a Judge imposing agreements upon them. The costs of the sessions can be substantially less than the costs for solicitors and lengthy Court proceedings.


We offer fixed fees for all mediation sessions and document preparation. Please contact our mediation administrator Claire Houlton for further information. Claire can take a brief note of what you would like to dicsuss and make sure you have all the information you need and arrange the first appointment. Please note, we do not undertake publicly funded mediations.

Arrange a Referral

If you require further information about mediation or would like to arrange a referral, please contact our Mediation Department on 01925 765212 or email us at

Our Mediation Referral Form can be downloaded here and emailed to or faxed to 0207 067 8910 or alternatively it can be completed on-line here.

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