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Child Maintenance Enforcement Fees

In August this year, charges were introduced for the Child Maintenance Service Collect and Pay System.

The Child Maintenance Service has new charges for its Collect and Pay System. If a parent fails to pay financial contributions for their child’s upkeep and the parent with whom the child lives needs their services to help collect maintenance, fees are now payable. The Service adds on a 20% liability to the non resident parent’s calculation. However, they now also deduct 4% of the maintenance the parent with care has been awarded.

Concern by Family Lawyers and various national groups about how this will impact on families affected by these fees have been raised.

Using the Child Maintenance Service is usually a last resort and can impact on vulnerable families who are already struggling having had no maintenance for some time before using the Service and many charities and national groups have stated the fees should not apply.

Ainsley Pritchard comments “The Government’s own impact assessment predicts one hundred thousand families may stop getting maintenance as a result of the change but these parents may still need help. They are likely to be vulnerable single parents and it is always advisable to speak to a Family Lawyer to find out if and how they can help in this situation”.

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