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Huge Increase In Civil Court Fees Introduced On 9 March 2015

On 9 March 2015, the court fees to commence a civil claim for money, increased dramatically.

The changes affect claims of a value greater than £10,000. Those claims will now attract a fee of 5% of the value of the claim itself, up to a maximum issue fee of £10,000.

The increase in fees has come under significant criticism by court users and the Law Society.

The percentage increases are startling. The table below provides a quick overview of the radical changes:

Value of Claim                Old fee                  New fee               Increase

£5,000                           £205                      £205                    No change

£10,000                         £455                      £455                    No change

£20,000                         £610                      £1,000                 £390 (up 64%)

£40,000                         £610                      £2,000                 £1,390 (up 228%)

£90,000                         £910                      £4,500                 £3,590 (up 395%)

£150,000                       £1,315                   £7,500                 £6,185 (up 470%)

£190,000                       £1,315                   £9,500                 £8,185 (up 622%)

£200,000                       £1,515                   £10,000               £8,485 (up 560%)

Alternatives To Court Litigation

Given the significant court fees that will need to be paid to commence a high value claim at court, there is going to be greater emphasis on the parties attempting to resolve disputes before the courts become involved. One of the main forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is mediation. Our Paul Hatton is an accredited mediator so able to conduct mediations for third parties to help resolve their disputes and also experienced in representing clients at mediations.

Mediation prior to the issue of proceedings can help narrow the issues or of settlement being reached. It is an option worth giving serious thought to. If you have a query about mediation please do not hesitate to contact us.